Let’s fight Corona together by enabling Online Shopping easier for everyone. Launch your own online Store with click of a button. Whether you are a small store or a big retail, our solution fits all.

  • ZERO upfront cost and no monthly Fees. You do not need any hardware, software. Operate entire business from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Show your online presence with our easy to implement Online Shopping Cart and all the features that can be added to enhance your market share.
  • People know your store by your own store name, so you do not give away your business to any big brand name
  • You do not have to pay any commission or a monthly minimum, but just pay small fee by the order. You only pay when you sell something or else you pay nothing to us.
  • Online payments directly credited to your bank account
  • Easy to use dashboard to monitor sales and track your orders status by the minute.
  • Flexibility to add multiple stores or chain of stores
  • SIGN UP now for a visit by our Salesperson or schedule an online Demo.



Unique feature that let’s you generate Coupons or Specials for a limited time. This encourages customers to buy when they see big savings

  • Create Coupons or Special Offers by click of a button
  • Have same coupons displayed on your web page
  • Send Coupons to your clients on Social Media, Email or SMS
  • Coupons can be used by clients from Shopping Cart



Retaining your Customers is particularly important and the best way to have loyal customers is by providing an integrated Loyalty Points program.

  • Retaining your customers will increase your profits by 90%
  • Longer the customer stays with you, more points they get and it helps build loyalty
  • Easy to use program to create flexible points system
  • Customers able to redeem as and when they need



Maintaining consistent quality and service is key to your success. Our easy to use Feedback and Survey management System helps businesses understand problem areas and try to improve them.

  • Create Dynamic survey and feedback forms with-in minutes
  • Convert feedback results into constructive improvements
  • Let Customers know their feedback matters, so they get more engaged


SMS & Email Marketing

  • Email customers to get product and service feedbacks
  • Send out Special promotional Email Offers
  • Target inactive customers by sending promotional offers
  • Send SMS blasts with special offers to customers who opt for SMS marketing
  • Wishlist Marketing for customers who wish to receive special offers on certain items


Social Media Marketing

  • Automatically post your promotional coupons on Social Media
  • Run Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • Special Occasion greetings with Special Offers for a limited time
  • Follow any public accounts or hashtag
  • Share your Social Media page on order confirmation receipt so they can forward to friends