A KwikMarts Solution for
Wholesale and Retail business
  • Whether you have SAP or Oracle, there is always a problem of integrating the retailer with your ERP. This is where LASTMILE® comes into picture.
  • LASTMILE® closes the gap between ERP apps and retailers.
  • API’s available to easily integrate with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle ERP, QuickBooks, and other third-party software.
  • A fully loaded ecommerce platform that includes an Online store, Point-of-Sale and Mobile App
  • We provide training and support in creating and managing the platform.

Empowering the retailer to easily place orders with the wholesaler

  • Scan or Search to Order
  • Repeat an Order

  • Add products
  • Product information by UPC
  • Update Inventory
  • Sales dashboard
“LASTMILE provides a comprehensive ecommerce platform for the wholesaler.”
- Very satisfied wholesaler

Get ready for orders!

Get orders from the Online Store
LASTMILE provides a clean, elegant, and modern ecommerce website.

Point-Of-Sale to sell products In Store
Scan or search a product, provide discount on specific products, or give a flat discount on the order. Provide customer and payment details. Print an invoice.

Get orders from the Mobile app
Notification alerts once an order is placed. Manage orders from the mobile app.

Get the store up in Almost No Time
Mobile app allows to quickly setup the store. Add products and provide their related information.

Option to scan a barcode and fetch product information from online product information sources. Take pictures of the product and upload. Setup taxes and shipping charges.


Stock management – stock update after sale, alerts for insufficient stock.

Dashboard providing at-a-glance view of key performance indicators. Reports include top products sold, top retailers, total orders, and profit margin.

Ease the activity between wholesaler and retailer

Collect payments online with any of the popular payment gateways.

Allow retailers to place order and pay later. Update order payment status as received. View a retailer’s balance due.

Create discount codes. Option to provide discount on products, retailers, and retailer specific products.


Prepare an order cart by scanning the barcode of the products. The retailer can go around the store and scan the products that are low on stock or need to be ordered.


Prepare an order cart by searching for products by name. Detailed information of the selected product is provided.

Want to repeat an order? Just load a previous order and modify as required.

Kwik karts offers unique end to end solutions for all your online business needs. Click on your store type to view a live demo page.

Grocery kart

  • Filter based on specs - brand, item type, rating, manufacturer, product codes
  • Assist in adding products
  • Customize inventory for similar products
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Mobile app for suppliers to accept orders
  • Discounts, coupons

Wholesale kart

  • Complete digitalization from menu, ordering , payments to feedback - both for customers and staff. Reduce costs and optimise operations.
  • Inventory management
  • Customizable sections
  • Inventory tagging for SEO
  • Flexible pricing option for select customers

Furniture kart

  • Lists of furniture products displayed in various models and designs.
  • Displays all the information about furniture including furniture description, price and delivery information, etc.
  • Option to manage stock
  • Category wise filter of products as per furniture type, dimensions, Brand, Weight, Primary Material, Seating
  • Multiple views of the furniture images, product colours
  • Schedule delivery times
  • Related products
  • Sales notification
  • Discounts, coupons
  • Integrate shipping platforms

Electronics and electrical kart

  • Filter based on specs - brand, size, colour, rating, manufacturer, product codes
  • Schedule delivery as per convenience
  • Multiple views of the product
  • Discounts, coupons
  • Taxes, Shipping fees,
  • Integrate shipping platforms
  • Inventory management
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Mobile app for suppliers

Restaurant and Catering kart

  • Smart Dashboard to receive & manage all orders from website and ordering apps at a single place.
  • Customize your menu & offerings all managed by yourself with just few clicks.
  • Realize online revenues through fully integrated leading payment portals.
  • Scheduling orders - pickup or delivery
  • Complete digitalization from menu, ordering , payments to feedback - both for customers and staff. Reduce costs and optimise operations.
  • Customizable orders
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Mobile app for receiving orders